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100% in love with david tennant and luke newberry (also lauren bc duh)


Semi-hiatus because school is annoying

Nothing to report, captain


-tracking: trenzalores

-reading: The Death Cure

-watching: Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season 2

-listening to: Arctic Monkeys

-loving: you

premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

girls don’t want boys, girls want a soaking wet natalie dormer telling katie mcgrath to do her


favourite celebrity meme → hair porn [1/4]


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany | kari siren

You look at me, and you can’t see me. Have you any idea what that’s like?

Jenna Coleman for LA Times

We can call them pieces, they were so.

Jenna Coleman at the BFI Event in London

y o u ’ r e  f i n e
you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine
dear cas,